SF Houses

I have been blessed to have an opportunity to landscape planters and yards for three houses in San Francisco. Pics of the backyard to follow! My not so savvy photo skills captured two of the three fronts and you can’t really see the awesome concrete planters that have been built in, but I do have some up-close pics on my computer that I will upload later as well. This last Saturday Amy (who is my amazing friend who gave me this chance) and I went to Flora Grubb in San Francisco to check out the grounds and get some inspiration for the yards. Succulents. Check. Airplants. Check. California Natives. Check. And of course, fun plants like huechera, irish moss, and maybe even a mini magnolia tree…
Check out the photos below and if you’re as plant crazy as I am, I strongly encourage you to stop by flora Grubb next time you’re in the City!










Can you believe they wanted $15 for these things? Hellooo? I don’t know why welding together three pieces of metal and a nail should cost so much. Glad I have my craftsmen at home- I’m thinking we’ll be able to create them for under $2 each!


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