Airplant Holders à la Andrew

In a previous post I talked about visiting Flora Grubb, the awesome plant nursery and design center in San Francisco. They had for sale there, something they called a Thigmatrope Satellite (aka air plant holders). How I would have loved to purchase one then and there but at $18 each, I could not afford it! Flash forward to today. After about a month of bugging my fiance Andrew, he finally went to Sims Metal and purchased three 8’+ stainless steel rods (stainless so they won’t rust when exposed to the elements) for $19! From that purchase he was able to make 34 of those thigma-thingies and he even added a threaded end-piece to be used when installing them into a wall.
I admit I’m real lucky to have such a crafty man. 🙂
Air plant Holders

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