How to Make a Bubblegum Terrarium

This is an easy and inexpensive gift for a plant-loving friend!


  • Bubblegum Dispenser
  • Coconut Coir matting
  • Cactus Soil (or make your own)
  • Small Rooted Succulent Cuttings
  • Chopstick or Stick


I was able to get the plastic bubblegum dispenser from the local Dollar Tree store for… wait for it…$1. They had many different colors but I stuck with the red to keep it seasonal. There may be a plastic wrap with gumballs on it, or not, but it should be removed if it’s there.

step 1   step 2

Unscrew plastic bubble top from dispenser and gently wedge a small piece of the coir mat into the base. Add cactus soil by pushing it into the coir mat. Lightly spray with water to hold soil in place.

 step 3 step 4

I make my own soil blend using a mix of coconut coir soil, vermiculite, perlite, planting charcoal, a dash of sand and smidgen of cinnamon. The cinnamon has anti-bacterial properties and can also be used to dip freshly cut succulent ends into to help it root more successfully.

Using a small stick or chopstick, poke holes in soil and stick succulent cuttings in. Try to keep most cuttings towards center of terrarium, because the hardest part is putting the bubble top back on without loosening any plants!

step 5 step 6

Once all cuttings have been added, CAREFULLY screw bubble top back on.

step 7

Even if some of the cuttings fall out of place, they will eventually grow roots and realign themselves. Watering won’t be necessary for a week or so, but when it comes time to water, gently tip terrarium on it’s side and pour water through blue (or whatever color it may be) gumball shoot. Once the terrarium is fully and completely rooted, you can take of bubble top and water directly.


 And there you have it! A treat that’s better than bubblegum!

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