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Airplant Holders à la Andrew

In a previous post I talked about visiting Flora Grubb, the awesome plant nursery and design center in San Francisco. They had for sale there, something they called a Thigmatrope Satellite (aka air plant holders). How I would have loved to purchase one then and there but at $18 each, I could not afford it! Flash forward to today. After… Read more →

SF Houses

I have been blessed to have an opportunity to landscape planters and yards for three houses in San Francisco. Pics of the backyard to follow! My not so savvy photo skills captured two of the three fronts and you can’t really see the awesome concrete planters that have been built in, but I do have some up-close pics on my… Read more →

New Project-Yard Design

So I was asked to help design a family friend’s yard in East Oakland. Because of the drought out here and her dislike of plant maintenance, we decided to go with easy-care plants and succulents. Check out the before photo to get an idea of what we’re working with.  I will continue to post updates of this endeavor as we… Read more →