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How to Make a Bubblegum Terrarium

This is an easy and inexpensive gift for a plant-loving friend! Supplies: Bubblegum Dispenser Coconut Coir matting Cactus Soil (or make your own) Small Rooted Succulent Cuttings Chopstick or Stick   I was able to get the plastic bubblegum dispenser from the local Dollar Tree store for… wait for it…$1. They had many different colors but I stuck with the… Read more →

Hello There!

Yes, this is the third or fourth time I’ve redesigned this site.  Now I’m using wordpress.org and an alltogether different host. It’s a work in progress, as you can tell. Hopefully this will be the final time and I will actually finish it! I have also shut down my other website LittlestLandscapes.com and will be featuring my plants and succulent… Read more →